13th Board Meeting
Very few industries face the amount of regulation and legislation that banking does, and even fewer industries face the fierce outside competition from entities outside their industry that banking does. That’s why our Kentucky banking industry needs a strong KBPAC - not to buy votes or cut deals - but to support those candidates who believe in our right to compete on an equal basis in a reasonably regulated financial marketplace.

Contributions to our political action effort is important and in your and your industry’s best interest.

Bankers, their boards, and their employees must gain the realization that our collective effort is important. You may not feel that your individual contribution can make a difference, but when accumulated with all the bankers in Kentucky willing to give, it DOES make a difference. That is what KBPAC is all about - leveraging the collective strength of the entire group for the benefit of the industry. The 13th Board Meeting offers an easy, painless way for bankers and directors to get involved in the political process. Schedule yours today!

What is a 13th Board Meeting?

A 13th Board Meeting is a great way to involve your directors in the KBPAC. It’s simple- you schedule an extra Board Meeting each year for which your directors are paid their usual and customary fee. It can be scheduled right before or after a regularly scheduled board meeting, in order to minimize the inconvenience. There must be an adjournment and commencement of the extra board minutes, reflected in the records of the bank. During the 13th Board Meeting, the bank’s Chairman or an officer or a representative of the KBA will address the Board on the importance of the KBPAC to the bank, and update them on significant issues facing our industry both at the state level and in Washington.

Ballard Cassady, Debra Stamper or John Cooper can speak to the Board about Government Relations issues. Board members are asked to make a voluntary personal contribution, in any amount they choose, to the KBPAC. Many Board members decide to contribute the full amount of the received board fee. Contributions must be made by personal check - no corporate checks.

Funds contributed to KBPAC provide financial support for the committees and campaigns of Kentucky candidates to the U.S. Congress and legislators in Frankfort whose views and positions on banking issues are compatible with the interests of our industry. KBPAC provides a lawful means by which eligible contributors can express their views and increase their political impact through a united, collective effort.

If you would like Ballard Cassady, Debra Stamper or John Cooper to speak at your 13th Board Meeting contact Debra Stamper.

Debra Stamper

Contributions to Kentucky Bankers PAC and Kentucky Bankers Committee for State Government (each referred to as KBPAC in this disclosure) will be used in connection with state and federal elections, respectively. Contributions to KBPAC are voluntary and may not be deducted as charitable contributions. KBPAC may not accept corporate contributions. Contributions will be reported to the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance and the Federal Election Commission, as required. You may decline to contribute without fear of reprisal. You may contribute more or less than the amounts suggested and you will not benefit or be disadvantaged because of the amount contributed or decision to participate at all.