Frequently Asked Questions

What is a PAC?

A PAC is specifically created to allow individuals with shared interests to pool their political contributions and thus increase their visibility and political involvement. A single contribution may have little impact on a campaign, but when combined with hundreds of other contributions, it’s an entirely different matter.


PAC’s were statutorily created with the original purpose of allowing individuals of average means to band together by pooling smaller, voluntary contributions so as to have an equal voice on political issues as more affluent, individual donors. PAC’s were designed to allow individuals to participate in the political process in a more meaningful way. By promoting civic knowledge and involvement, PACs have stimulated millions of Americans to become more active in the process.

Why does the KBA sponsor two PAC’s?

The KBA sponsors both a state and federal PAC. Because the KBA is a corporate member trade association, we are required to follow special rules under state and federal law. Having both a state and federal PAC ensures that we can utilize your contributions to the best benefit of our industry on both the state and federal political front.


How are KBPAC funds used?

KBPAC contributions are used to support the election of Kentucky Senators and Representatives in the US Congress and state legislators in Frankfort who share, or are receptive to, our industry’s goals.


The process for selecting candidates to receive contributions is non-partisan. The committee that decides who receives contributions is made up of bankers.  The main considerations are the strength of the candidate’s commitment to the banking industry and the candidate’s willingness to listen to our concerns, questions and challenges. Other factors include: the candidate’s seniority, committee appointments, leadership roles, and recommendations of bankers who know the candidates.

Who can contribute to KBPAC?

Contributions to KBPAC’s are highly regulated on both the state and federal level.
  • Contributions to KBPAC’s are strictly voluntary and are not tax deductible.
  • Only individuals may contribute to our KBPAC’s. While some state PAC’s are allowed to accept corporate contribution, Kentucky PAC’s may not and banks may not contribute to PAC’s.
  • Only authorized executives, administrative personnel and shareholders of KBA member banks may be solicited for contributions to our federal KBPAC.   This restriction does not apply to our state KBPAC.
  • KBA member banks must specifically, and in writing, approve the solicitation of its eligible employees by our federal KBPAC. This restriction does not apply to our state KBPAC.
  • Individuals may donate up to $5,000 annually, in aggregate, to the federal KBPAC under federal law and $2000 annually, in the aggregate, to the state KBPAC under state law. These maximums may seem like a lot, but most donations are much smaller and all amounts are welcome.

Why should I contribute to KBPAC?

Today more than ever, our industry—banking—is being misrepresented in Washington and Frankfort, making it more difficult for us to successfully continue the business of banking. Contributions made to KBPAC show your concern about your industry and chosen career.


Should I give to candidates directly or to the KBPAC’s?

Both types of contributions are valuable and strongly encouraged.  Individual candidates appreciate direct contributions, especially from local supporters. However, the collective strength of the KBPAC’s gives our industry a recognized, unified strength that cannot be replicated through individual contributions.


Who pays the cost of operating the KBPACs events?

The operating expenditures are defrayed by the KBA through sponsorships and other revenues sources. This allows 100% of contributions to go to worthy candidates. Member banks may use corporate dollars to help offset these expenses. These amounts, however, will not be included in KBPAC goals.


How can I contribute to the KBPAC’s?

You can complete a KBPAC pledge card and make your contribution by personal check or credit card, monthly EFT or payroll deduction (if allowed by your employer).


Can I contribute to more than one PAC?

Federal law prohibits the solicitation from more than one federal trade association PAC, which is why we are required to obtain annual authorization.  But, you can still voluntarily contribute to more than one state PAC.


How are KBPAC contributions reported?

In accordance with state and federal law, all contributions in excess of $50 (annually) are reported. Contributions made by the KBPACs to candidates are also reported.


How does the KBA provide GR support to its members?

The KBA legislative advocacy program has three components:
  1. Registered lobbyists
  2. Grassroots advocacy network of member bank employees
  3. KBA state and federal PAC’s which provide funds to officeholders and candidates who are concerned about and

How Does KBPAC Select Candidates to Support?

KBPAC supports candidates who understand the banking industry and who support a free, competitive financial services environment. KBPAC looks for candidates with voting records that align with industry goals and objectives. KBPAC consults with Kentucky bankers when selecting candidates. Your input is appreciated and if you know a candidate who deserve’s KBPAC support please contact us at 502-582-2453.